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I write must-read family stories for ALL animal lovers from 4 years old to 108! They are about animal issues and conservation – and always have a happy ending. About the author.

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Available in January 2019

Inquiry Loves Little Truff Literacy

User-friendly and classroom tested, this is a must-have teachers’ manual for years 4-9

Why Kids love Little Truff Literacy.

  • Designed for 21st century education
  • A new, fresh approach to Inquiry
  • Practical and classroom tested
  • Makes teaching and learning easier
  • Provides answers for teachers
  • Has a wide range of topics
  • Topics with universal principles including Love, Care, Birds, Ecology, Animal Welfare, Conservation, Ecology
  • Challenging Extended Activities have a fun element
  • Inquiry planning is a pleasure
  • Time-tried writing techniques ensure success
  • A fun ecology mnemonic assists learning
  • Kids extend and improve their education

Latest Release

Little Truff and the Whales

Created in conjunction with the New Zealand Department of Conservation
By Ann Russell
Illustrated by Lara Frizzell
A children’s fiction picture book about whale conservation.
Written in simple verse for readers from 7 years old to 108.
An interactive book for the whole family.

Little Truff senses something is wrong.
At sea, in a boat with her family, she tugs her master to the stern.

“A whale’s out there. It hasn’t moved,” Dad tells his family. “I think it’s tangled in a net and trying to get free.”

The net is pulling her down. The humpback is slowly drowning.

“What can we do to save the whale?” Truff thinks. “One slap from her could kill us – but we can’t just sit here and watch the humpback die …”   More here

Little Truff and the Kererū

By Ann Russell
Illustrated by Ireen Potter
A children’s fiction picture book about conservation
Written in simple verse for 4-7 year olds to 107
An interactive book for the whole family.

Little Truff is fed up. She can’t go for a run because her family are talking about protecting the ripening fruit on their plum tree from the birds.

“Huh! Birds and trees are boring stuff,” she says and walks away. “I’ve heaps of better things to do this sunny, summer’s day.”

“Like what?” the giant pigeon calls. “Your words aren’t very wise. We birds make all the difference to how you live your lives.”

Truff thinks the kererū is joking, but is he? She decides to find out … More here

Little Truff Novella

Modern animal stories, rich in adventure with quirky characters, action and humour.
For ALL animal lovers from 8 years old to 108.

Little Truff Saves the Kerery - cover

Join Little Truff on her summer holidays at the beach with her best friend, Chloé, the Siamese cat. A pair of kererū ask them for help. There’s great evil in the forest and they refuse to lay any more eggs until it has gone …
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Little Truff and the Siamese Cat - cover

Little Truff has a new friend. She’s Chloe, the highly intelligent but mischievous chocolate-point Siamese. When Truff is kidnapped, she wonders where she’s going and if she’ll ever see her family and Chloe again …
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Little Truff - cover

Follow the adventures of Little Truff, the cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel when she runs away from her abusive home in search of her dream family. Find out what happens when she’s out on the streets then caught and sent to the pound …
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Blenheim Cavalier - cover

This Blenheim Cavalier looks ever so cute with a spot on top of its head. It’s called a “lucky spot” and is said to bring good luck to its owners. Want to know what happened? Get the E-book from Amazon and find out why…
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