Visiting the Library is an Event!

May 23, 2015

 Ann  telling a "Little Truff" story at the Pha Library

Ann telling a “Little Truff” story at the Piha Library

Hi, from Ann

Do you love reading? I do.

When I was little, tucked up on the couch with my brother, our father or mother read us stories. My brother’s fave was “The Emperor’s New Clothes “ – because the king wasn’t wearing any! – while mine was “Cinderella” beacuse I love happy endings.

Going to the library to borrow some books to read was special. It was an event – and still is.

Now when I go to there, it’ll be for one of four reasons:

– to borrow some books. I like real life adventures, detective stories, cookery books and action. What about you?
– to work as a volunteer librarian by straightening all the shelves round the library and putting returned books back.
– to put up a display for kids about books they may like to read.
– to give an hour’s performance presentation to kids and their parents about my books – see the photo. Last holidays, I was invited to the Chartwell Library in Hamilton, then the Dargaville Library and the Waikato Show. It was great fun!

I hope I can visit you at your library one day.