Lunch – A Great GF Soup – or a Bone!

May 24, 2015

Little Truff and her bone

What a big bone for a little Cav.

Hi, this is Little Truff.

David and Leila are cooking Sunday lunch. I’m watching them from my bucket chair in the family room – find out about my chair in “Little Truff”, Chapter 20.

The kids are making some soy-flavoured vegetable soup. See the recipe below. The bean paste vermicelli in it – bought from an Asian food shop – keeps it gluten free. David’s especially good at making poached eggs so he’s added one to each serving making it look so-o good to eat.

Unlike my family I don’t have lunch. Instead I have bone to chew on during the day and get fed porridge in the morning with meat and veg at night. I love chewing on my bone. It’s like the great, big, shank bone you can see in the picture.

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