Sunshine on a Fence

July 5, 2015


Hi, this is Little Truff

The cold, bleak atmosphere of mid-winter was broken as I walked along a suburban road with the Nelson family yesterday afternoon. Ahead, a long, high fence stood covered with a orange-gold flowers. Magnificent.

I slowed down and gazed up at the incredible display which brought everyone to a stop.

“What’s that called?’ Leila asked. She loves flowers and wants to know heaps about them.

“That’s the Flame Vine, her mother, Chrissie, said. “It’s also called the Golden Shower, or Pyrostegiua venusa if you want the botannical name.”

“That makes sense,” said David.

“Sure does,” said his dad, Barry, with a smile. “Now the winter solstice has passed, its a fantastic reminder that summer is on its way.”