Book Week at Blockhouse Bay Primary

September 18, 2015


Book Week at Blockhouse Bay Primary has the school humming. Kids are happy. Kids are reading – especially in the school library which the librarian’s team has transformed into something really special.

Dim lights greet you as you enter. More sparkle in groups throughout the room, showing the fabulous decorations that have transformed it into a Magic Land. Fabulous creatures hang from the roof – my pick were the beautiful blue whale balloons swimming in the air amongst some streamers. Tepees on the floor and coloured mosquito nets dangling from the ceiling provide relaxing spaces where students can stretch out on cushions and read.

I was one of a number of authors who visited today, Friday, and gave presentations of my LITTLE TRUFF SAVES THE KERERU story about the kereru-giant trees’ cycle. The kids were great: very well behaved, good questions asked and lots of fun.

I’d go back and visit them, any time!