A Gorgeous Paradise Shellduck Family

October 28, 2015

Hi! This is Little Truff speaking.

Piha’s a great place to spend a long weekend. My family, plus Gran and Pop, like to go for a long walk each day to see what we can see.

While ambling along the side of the camping ground, we came across a family of putangitangi, aka paradise shellducks. Mum has the white head and dad,who was close by,has iridescent black.

They have “duck” in their name but they are shellducks and closer to geese than true ducks.

These wild birds have a VERY LOUD honk. It goes honk-weet-honk-weet but they didn’t make a sound while we were there. They were too busy eating the lush green grass and picking up the occasional worm.

We stopped to watch them, keeping very quiet.

They formed a tight group heading towards a big puddle on the grass verge. The ducklings took a drink as they paddled into the water. They were delightful to watch and have a reputation for being excellent parents, looking after their ducklings for a long time.

Afterwards, they headed across the road with Pop acting like a policeman, slowing down the traffic so the little family could get safely to the other side.

Way to go!

Mother shellduck  with her fluffy duckling.

Mother shellduck with her fluffy duckling.

The shellduck family enjoying the puddle.

The shellduck family enjoying the puddle.