Happy Christmas! Is that SNOW on Piha’s Hills!

December 24, 2015
Is this snow on Piha's hills?

Is this snow on Piha’s hills?

Hi – this is Little Truff speaking.

When I looked out Gran’s beach-house window this morning, I noticed all the hills were covered in white.

Couild this be Christmas snow? I wondered. Just like they have in the Northern Hemisphere, in places like England and France?


Gran said it wasn’t snow, Instead it’s masses of flowers on white manuka bushes!

Gran’s and Pop’s next door neighbours have lots of bee-hives down the back of their property.

When I went there, I heard the bees buzzing busily as they used the nectar from white manuka flowers to make manuka honey.

Pop said manuka honey is world famous. As well having a yummy honey flavour, Maori have used it as a medicine for hundreds of years. Now other people do, too. That’s special!

Happy Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas Day is manuka honey sweet!

No! It's masses of white manuaka flowers!

No! It’s masses of white manuaka flowers!

Bees use the nectar from white manauka to make   fabulous manuka honey.

Fabulous manuka honey comes from the nectar of these tiny white flowers. .