Fab Blueberry Cake for ANZAC Weekend

April 24, 2016
Delectable Blue Berry Cake

A scrumptiou Delectable Blue Berry Cake

Anzac Weekend is not only a day of national celebration but also a turning point that marks the on-set of winter.

Families get together, neighbours call and often the first winter fire is lit to bring warmth to a chilly atmosphere.

Offer this blue berry cake sprinkled with icing sugar and centred with fresh blue berries. You’ll have everyone wanting more!

Icing sugar and more fresh fruit top this blue berry cake.

Blueberry cake with a dusting of icing sugar and more fresh fruit.

The recipe is simple and easy to make.

Its purple fruit should be scattered evenly through all layers.

Just add a bowl of whipped cream and/or some plain yoghurt to round it off.


A great cake for a cold, long weekend.

A great cake for a cold, long weekend.