Power Talk International Speech Contest

April 8, 2016
The 5 contestants at Power Talk I International's speech contest

The 5 contestants at Power Talk I International’s speech contest

A phone call from Dunedin and I found myself one of 4 judges at the Council 5 area speech competition this week.

It was an area contest held in Henderson by Power Talk Internat’l NZ, originally the Internat’l Toast Mistress Club, established in 1938. Now the organisation is open to both sexes.

It was a great night.

The speech contest winner, Kathleen Dixon, to the left, with the Power Talk Int organisers.

The speech contest winner to the left, with the Power Talk Int organisers.

 Madam President: 'It was a great evening'

A very happy Madam President.

Five finalists from the area stretching from Howick to Glendene battled it out to be the representative for the national finals held in Queenstown this year.

The speeches were designed to persuade, entertain and inform with subjects such as Kick the Habit, Time Flies and Expect the Unexpected

They were excellent. Kathleen Dixon from Waitakere won with her delightfully funny, What Did You Say – about words lost in translation.

The evening finished on a warm note with everyone chatting over supper, enjoying their hot drink with a slice of fab banana cake and passion-fruit icing.