A Beautiful Bay Tree

September 5, 2016
A mature Bay Tree

A mature Bay Tree

Hi, it’s Little Truff speaking.

While visiting friends in Warkworth with my family, we were shown their beautiful garden. As we went into the vegie area, my nose twitched at a familiar smell – only this was a lot stronger.

A sweet and spicy aroma came from an evergreen Bay tree which was about 3 metres tall. Chrissie says they can grow to 20 metres. Whew! That’s very high …

I liked the Bay tree’s dark green, pointed, glossy leaves, and as it’s spring, some berries were starting to appear. Chrissie often uses a dried leaf or two when she cooks dinner. Evidently they have been used as a culinary herb since Ancient Egyptian times, boosting the flavour, and working the salivary glands hard to help digestion.


Frangrant Bay leaves and buds

Barry said the Caesars of Rome wore laurel wreaths, and they used to be given to winners at the Olympic Games because the word comes from the Latin for ‘praise’.

Hm-m – the Bay tree was well worth a sniff!