ALERT – Foreign Seabed Mining Threat is Back

September 24, 2016


TTR – Trans Tasman Resources backed by Dutch, American and Chinese interests – are after New Zealand’s black sands, targeting areas on the West Coast of both the North and South Island as well as Waihi.


KASM, Kiwis Against Sea Mining, fobbed them off in court in 2012 but TTR is back again, a dark threat to New Zealand’s environment.

The mining process takes in the black sand, retains the iron and spits out the waste, leaving a dead zone where-ever the mining takes place. Research has shown that shellfish living in these raped areas accumulate toxic mercury and cadmium.

As shell fish are being poisoned by mercury and cadmium, fish and sea mammals will be too. Humans eat fish so we’ll absorb their poison – as well as predatory birds. Any tissues in the poisoned water, animal or plant, will absorb the toxins – so anything now living in the mined marine area will get sick too.

WHAT A VICIOUS CIRCLE!!! No wonder both commercial and recreational fishermen are concerned and joined the protesters.


KASM is campaigning to alert Kiwis as to what is happening – but they need our help.


If they pull it off this time, TTR will have the rights to MINE OUR BLACK SAND FOR TWENTY YEARS with the pittance of a 2% royalty to New Zealand.

Thousands of Kiwis said quotNO!&quot .We need to do it again!

Thousands of Kiwis said “NO!” We need to do it again!

* The natural habitat for many species will vanish
* Food supply for sea creatures will be lost
* Dead zones will occur
* Plumes created will reduce the primary productivity in these areas for Phytpplantons, a base food
* Rock outcrops will get smothered with the outpouring of waste
* Toxins like mercury and cadmium will be released
* Noise, light and air pollution will increase, disturbing sea creatures in their habitats
* The West Coast is a main migration pathway for whales so their safety is under threat
* Rare Hector and Maui dolphins may be killed and their species lost
* Heavy fuel usage will be increased by an estimated 75% on the water
* Air quality in these areas will become polluted
* It’s culturally offensive
* It changes our relationship with the ocean
* Recreational fishing will be lost
* Foreign ownership means foreigners get the jobs.
* Amenities like surfing beaches will be lost. Surfing communities will die out
* Tourism will have a major loss
* Diving will deminish

Join thousands of Kiwis and say "NO!" to black sand sea mining!

Join thousands of Kiwis and say “NO!” to black sand sea mining!