Christmas in the Whangarei Basin

December 28, 2016

Traditional Northern European Christmas tree in the Whangarei City Basin

Whether you’re local or a tourist, The Basin is a prime attraction in Whangarei.

A bi-cultural approach to the Festive Season is shown in the two Christmas trees on display: a traditional Northern Hemisphere pine and a dazzling Pohutukawa in full bloom.

The pohutukawa or New Zealand’s Christmas tree

Boats give the Whangarei Basin a certain pizzazz.

Ahoy! There are hundreds of boats in the Whangarei Basin.

Restaurants, cafes and many arty-crafty shops tempt visitors.

The Whangarei Basin offers many items of interest.

It’s great to take a break, appreciate such a relaxing environment and take time to enjoy a meal.

Enjoyng lunch in the Whangarei Basin

The Basin clock’s chimes help to bring visitors back to reality.

The Whanagrei Basin’s clock