Remember Billy? Here SHE is 2 months on …

April 23, 2017

Remember me? I was so little I fitted into this lady’s hand.

Hi guys! Remember me, Billy the brave cockatiel baby, fresh out of my egg. Well, Tessa found that I really was a GIRL not a boy, so I’ve now got an “ie” on my girl’s name, BILLIE, in stead of a “Y” when she thought I was a boy!

Here I am at 2 1/2 months old: fully feathered, confident and living happily in a brand new cage. I’ve also got a playmate. He was rescued, just like me. You’ll meet him in the shot below. He’s a very cute little fellow.

This is me, Billie, at 2 1/2 months. Quite THE cockatiel girl now, beautiful feathers and all!

Which is my best side – the left or the right?

This is my new friend. Isn’t he cute?

He loves sitting on people’s hands.

His name is Rocky and he loves snuggling into his warm nest in our cage.

We are happy to be in our cage. It keeps us safe. We have lots of freedom out of it .- and I’m also beginning to fly!