Kids Love the book, “Little Truff Saves the Kereru”.

June 18, 2017

Hi! This is Little Truff speaking.

I recently had a lovely visit to Puhinui School in Papatoetoe. The children there loved my Little Truff stories as they are about animal adventures in New Zealand.

The Year 5 students drew some fabulous pictures of Chloe and I in action from our adventures in “Little Truff Saves the Kereru”.

Here is their illustrated version of the story.

Well done Room 16!!!

Little Truff, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hero.

The animal conservation team of Little Truff and Chloe, the chocolate-point Siamese cat.

The Kereru asks Little Truff to find out what is threatening their families in the forest.

The kereru is very important in the forest. It is the only bird who can swallow the seeds of the giant trees and fly the long distances to regenerate them.

There is evil in the forest. The kereru refuse to lay more eggs until it is a safe place again.

Little Truff and Chloe set off to find what is killing the kereru in the forest.

Little Truff and Chloe have a scary adventure in the forest.

Truff and Chloe solve the problem and the birds are happy to start laying eggs again.