Little Truff Visits Kohia Terrace School in Epsom

July 28, 2017

Hi, this is Little Truff speaking.

My author, Ann Russell, called in to see me this afternoon. She had been visiting Kohia Terrace School in Epsom, a suburb of Auckland.
She read my book, “Little Truff Saves the Kereru”, to the Room 10 students. They wanted to draw some events from that conservation adventure, so here are the best of them

Congratulations to these very clever Room 10 students. I love your drawings.

The lucky spot on top of Little Truff’s head brings good luck into her adventures.

The story, “Little Truff Saves the Kereru”, is set at Piha, the surfing beach in wild West Auckland. Little Truff and her Siamese cat friend, Chloe, are the heros.

Little Truff is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Chloe is a chocolate-point Siamese. They are a great team because they are smart, brave and very wise.

Kaihautu, the guardian kereru in the Waitakere Ranges, asks Little Truff and Chloe for help.

Kaihautu’s partner for life is Queenie. There is evil in the forest and the kereru refuse to lay more eggs until they know they are safe once more.

When Queenie disappears, Felicity Fantail tells Little Truff and Chloe where she can be found.

A great big rat has been raiding the kererus’ nests. They eat the eggs and kill the chicks. They even attack parent birds like Queenie.

What will Chloe and Little Truff do to solve the problem? Read “Little Truff Saves the Kereru” by Ann Russell to find out. Ask for the book which is available at most town and school libraries.

Have a really exciting reading time!