Japanese Plantings Helps Keep Air Fresh

August 19, 2017

Tubs of beautiful flowers at Tokyo’s Airports give a warm welcome to tourists. Exquisite presentations of delicately coloured flowers planted in an array of shrubs and grasses reflect the beauty and gracefulness of Japanese gardens.

A beautiful welcome with flowers at Tokyo Airport, Terminal 1.

Small pockets of green planting were very noticeable, along with larger areas along the roadside of the motorway as we travelled en route to our hotel.

Plants grow in all sorts of placesin Tokyo industrial areas.

The streets outside the hotel also had their share of green, whether the plants were massed, in smaller groups or single.

Tokyo street outside our hotel.

Pot plants were also an important feature in our hotel.

Plants in a small courtyard were a feature in the hotel’s reception area.

Landscape planting is found all over the airport from bus stations to the flight area.

Plantings outside Tokyo Airport, Terminal 1.

Green landscape can seen all over Tokyo International Airport.

Touring beautiful Japanese gardens is a certainly on my bucket list!.