Delightful Sheepdog Demos in County Kells, Ireland

September 10, 2017

Irish Brendan Ferris, is an amazing, talented sheep herder in County Kells and an entertaining presenter while exhibiting his skills. He uses only the slightest of whistles and gestures to get his dogs to move a herd of sheep anywhere on the mountainside. The ease with which he and his dogs moved and controlled the sheep was truly amazing to watch. His show is one of my fondest memories of my trip to Ireland. It’s a must see!

Nine different breeds of sheep farmed in County Kells, Ireland.

The ever watchful, Border Collie sheepdog.

Irishman, Brendan Ferris, presents sheepdog demos in County Kells, Ireland

Nine different breeds of sheep bred in Ireland.

The blue dye on on these sheep indicates a Roman Catholic owner; red for a Protestant; no paint for an atheist!

Working the sheep uphil.

A sheepdog shifting the black-faced Connemara sheep down-hill.

The right-hand sheepdog responds to different whistles than the left-hand dog.

A successful run with six Irish Connemara sheep lined-up at the bottom of the hill.