Dublin’s Guinness Factory is a Must Visit

September 2, 2017

The Guinness Factory is an absolute must when visiting Dublin. Be prepared to spend an incredible 3 hours there.

Tours open with some a warm welcome on the ground floor. The remainder is self guided, enhanced by incredible displays of the 300 year old business, assisted by the most advanced modern technology.

The visits end with a free sample of Guinness before proceeding up to the Gravity Bar to taste pour and explore other Guinness drinks. An additional attraction is the room’s 360 degree view of Dublin. Magical!

Plenty of quality souvenirs can be found in the Guinness Storehouse on the ground floor on your way out.

Entrance to the Guinness factory.

Tools and materials used to assemble a barrel for storing Guinness drinks.

A stack of full Guinness barrels.

A Guinness promotion poster.

Inspirational drawings fora Guinness poster.

An extraordinary sculpture in the Guinness factory.

The Guinness harp is the mirror image of the Irish Republic logo.

The Gravity Bar on the 7th story of the Guinness factory in Dublin.

Guinness Gravity Bar has a 360 degree view of Dublin.

View 2 of Dublin from the Guinness Gravity Bar.

View 3 of Dublin from the Guinness Gravity Bar.

Exit passing the Guinness Factory gate.

End your trip with a ride in a pony trap parked outside the Guinness Factory. .