Incredible! A PINK TREE!

October 14, 2015


Hi again, its Little Truff here.

I saw the most amazing tree when out walking with my family last weekend – a PINK tree!

It was totally stunning, a riot of colour towering towards the sky with every single one of it leaves an incredible shade.

For a moment , I thought the world had gone mad because there are loads of girls of all ages who love pink every-things. Take my buddy, Leila, as an example.

When her wardrobe door opens, you get swamped with pink. A whole row of clothes in pink hits you in the eyes, There’s every shade you could possibly imagine! Then there are pink shoes, too …

Her room is also pink, It has pale pink walls, rose pink chair, a duvet and pillow covers all in jazzy pinks. Even her old Barbie doll is dressed in a long, pink ball gown. Leila has a warm, happy room but I still thank our mum, Chrissie, for keeping the curtains a neutral colour.

Getting back to the pink tree. Chrissie said it was a Chinese toon. The colour is called “flamingo pink” after some long-legged, pink-feathered birds. Evidently, the tree keeps this eye-catching shade for about a month before turning cream and then finally a summer green.

You know what? I think I’ll miss it when that happens!