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Roadside Art – the Westie Way!

January 31, 2017:

This burnt-out car became a piece of the West’s unconventional, roadside sculpture soon after New Year. Dumped , it sat stoically through weeks of hot […]

Love Historical Houses in Kerikeri Basin

January 28, 2017:

Tucked in Kerikeri Basin are the 3 most important historical buildings in New Zealand. An hour or two is well spent taking time to explore […]

Perfect GF Pizzas

January 22, 2017:

Gluten free pizza bases have A BIG ADVANTAGE over one’s made with wheat flour – the base is ready to fill and bake in just […]

Glorious Gardenias

January 14, 2017:

The gardenia has a lovely sensual scent which is both glamorous and fragile. The gardenia fragrance has been worn by manY famous people. FRANK SINATRA […]

Wonderful, Wonderful Waffles

January 7, 2017: