Glorious Gardenias

January 14, 2017

Gardenias have the most exotic fragrance in the world

The gardenia has a lovely sensual scent which is both glamorous and fragile.

The gardenia fragrance has been worn by manY famous people. FRANK SINATRA was known to have applied it very sparingly. In 1946 he also sang about it in a hit song, ‘The Girl That I Marry’, words by Irving Berlin – “Her nails will be polished and in her hair, she’ll wear a gardenia and I’ll be there …”

Comparing all 3 gardenia flower sizes: G. thunbergia, G augusta “Radicans, G. augusta “Florida”

Famous Blues singer of loneliness and lost love, BILLIE HOLIDAY (1915-1959), wore gardenias as her signature look. They were originally used to conceal where she’d burnt her hair with a curling iron.

Gardenias are well worth growing. This bush has had over 60 blooms on it at one time.

Actress ELIZABETH TAYLOR loved gardenias so much, she made and sold her own “Gardenia” perfume. Her friend, MICHAEL JACKSON, wore it when he performed on stage.

Gardenia augusta “Radicans” grows to 50 cm high

“Aunty Maime”, the flamboyant character played by ROSALIND RUSSELL in the Broadway play and on screen, was reputed to wear the gardenia perfume. She was the protagonist in Patrick Dennis’s best seller where it was rumored that this intoxicating fragrance was an aphrodisiac used to attract men.

A gardenia augusta “Florida” bloom is often used in bridal bouquets.

It was reported that Illuminium manufacturers’ “White Garden Petals” perfume was worn by KATE MIDDLETON to the Royal Wedding where she married Prince William. The perfume contained the fragrance of 3 white flowers: Lily-of-the-Valley, gardenias and jasmine.

The giant Gardenia thunbergia can grow to 3 metres tall