Baby Billy, the Cute Little Cockatiel

February 16, 2017

When Baby Billy, the baby cockatiel, was rescued, he was very cold. Thinking he might have a chance of living, his rescuer took him home and put him in a softly clad, protective box containing a warm hot water bottle wrapped in a towel.

Baby Billy made it and here he is with one of the loudest voices ever – especially when he’s hungry!

Hi Guys! Guess who I am?

My Name is Billy, after Billy Connolly because I’m funny and loud.

I can flap my wings!

I love cuddling up to a warm hand.

It makes me want to go to sleep.

I’ve got STYLE! Fancy my hair – oops! – feather cut?

Brave Billy’s rescuer gives him 24/7 care. He eats heaps, is growing fast and gaining confidence.

He even goes to work with his rescuer. Her colleagues make a great fuss of him. It makes him feel like a star!

Watch this Blog for Chapter Two in Billy’s life: Food Time!