Little Truff and the Kererū
(New Zealand native pigeon)

Little Truff is fed up. She can’t go for a run on the beach because her family is busy talking about protecting the ripening fruit on their plum tree from the birds.

“Huh! Birds and trees are boring stuff,” she says and walks away, “I’ve heaps of better things to do this sunny summer’s day.”

“Like what?” The giant pigeon calls, “Your words aren’t very wise. We birds make all the difference to how you live your lives.”

Truff thinks the kererū is joking, but is he? She decides to find out …

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Special features of the book:

Readers will love these two double pages:

  • Kids can help save the kererū and backyard birds too
  • Kids can help in kererū emergencies

AND enjoy this video filmed at Project Kereru in Dunedin where injured birds are restored to health and returned to the wild.

Readers’ Comments:

“Ann Russell is an exciting and heartfelt writer who touches the emotions of us all with her joyful writing.  I am delighted to endorse her adventure into children’s literature.  She is a real treasure and will make a great difference to the reading skills of children.”
– Sir Bob Harvey KNZM QSO, Chair Waterfront Auckland

“Ann’s racy and exciting poem has an important ecological message which is bound to appeal to young children.”
– Sandra Coney QSO, Chair, Waitakere Ranges  Local Board, Auckland Council

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32 pages,
ISBN 978-0-473-30928-2

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Background to the Story:


  • When I saw a beautiful kererū sitting on a tree outside my window, I decided to write Little Truff Saves the Kererū, a family book for ALL animal lovers and conservationists from 8 years to 108.
  • Then someone suggested an illustrated book for 4-7 year olds so children would grow up knowing how really important the kererū is.
  • It is the only bird whose mouth is big enough to swallow the seeds of the giant trees like kauri so they can grow and fly the long distances required to scatter them for regeneration. Without the kererū, these trees will eventually die out. That would be a tragedy.

As Little Truff says:

“No birds – no trees – the forest’s gone means no clean air in the sky.”

We must not let that happen!

Ann Russell - save kererū

A big “Thank you” to these organisations who helped me to prepare this book and want to save the kererū and giant trees too:
Piha Coast Care Trust logo   SPCA logo   Project Kereru logo   Bird Rescue logo

Fun and Games based on Little Truff and the Kererū:

Little Truff
Kids love to learn using fun and games. Find out more about Little Truff and the Kererū using the resources below – and look for more here. Parents and teachers may find the reading extensions useful to enhance children’s understanding of the book.