Little Truff and the Siamese Cat


This moving, modern story about the importance of friendship and respect between animals and humans, is told with humour, horror and adventure.

Cute Little Truff has a new friend, Chloe, a highly intelligent yet mischievous chocolate point Siamese who’s just moved next door to the Nelson family. On a walk to the dairy, Chloe is distracted elsewhere when Truff is kidnapped by her former abusive owner.

The Cav’s taken a long way from home, but why? Where is she going and will she ever see her family, and Chloe, again?

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Readers Comments

I have just finished reading the books and thought them far above what I expected: very touching, funny, informative and factually correct in as far as know. Well done indeed. A great achievement. I am looking forward already to your next book – smiling as I now think of Cissie’s excited dances as ‘circles of joy’.
– Jan Eatock – NZ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeder.

Animals have feelings, and we should treat them the way we expect to be treated.
– J.K. 13-year-old boy


The book is impressive. Dialogue is modern, pace is great and storyline believable.

Little Truff and the Siamese Cat helps kids understand the importance of friendship between animals and humans.
– Dogs Life magazine, Australia, Issue 123

An outspoken opponent of proposed legislation to test party pills on animals, author Ann Russell hopes her books help teach children compassion. Aimed at young readers aged 10 and up, the story uses humour to leaven the challenging subject matter.
– North & South magazine, New Zealand, Issue 334

The second book in the ‘Little Truff’ series, picks up at the Nelson home where Little Truff meets Chloe, the Siamese Cat who lives next door. They become friends and when Truff is kidnapped and sold to an illegal lab that does animal testing, Chloe tags along too. When their experience there is all over, thanks to the heroic Chloe and brave little Cavalier, the story has a happy ending which makes it both readable and heart-warming.

In addition to the major animal issues, the Little Truff books contain some great nuggets about dog ownership, feeding, training, responsible dog ownership, etc. And since they’re set in New Zealand they also offer a glimpse of a different lifestyle and interesting snippets of another version of the English language.
– Abridged from The Royal Dispatch, Winter 2014 issue,, USA

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142 pages,
ISBN 978-0-473-24499-6

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Background to the Book


  • Books must be balanced. Where there’s darkness, there must be light and who better to bring fun and humour into this story but the character of my former Siamese cat, Chloe.
  • I learned about animal experimentation when studying anatomy and physiology at a university medical school. An unconscious dog lay on a platform, attached electrodes charting its breathing pattern to a graph. Deeply troubled, I thought, What’s it doing there? It’s crazy. Humans aren’t like animals!
  • Later, studying aromatherapy revealed the horrors animals suffer in the cosmetic and beauty industry.
  • I decided to follow Beauty Without Cruelty as it encourages using natural, organic products, without any testing on animals – a much better way to live.

Animal experimentation, vivisection, is particularly gross as animals are sentient beings like us, capable of perception and feelings. They should be treated with the same love and respect we want for ourselves.

As a mother, teacher and animal lover, I could never condone experimentation on animals. When the New Zealand Government decided to use dogs and rats to test for a “safety” level of party pills for human consumption, I decided to write this story.

The following organisations have assisted me in preparing the book:

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Little Truff
Little Truff and the Siamese Cat Fun and Games has a word puzzle, wordfind and other interesting activities for readers of Little Truff and the Siamese Cat. Parents and teachers may find the reading extensions useful to enhance children’s appreciation of the book, both at home and in the classroom. More here.


Meet the real life Chloe, the chocolate point Siamese.