Little Truff


A delightful, modern family story for all generations, it’s a poignant account with insight into how people often treat their canine friends.

Terrified of her owner, Little Truff, an abused Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, runs away from home.

Life on the streets is raw and challenging. She’s caught and taken to the pound where less than 50 per cent survive. When her time is up, she calls on Anubis, the Egyptian god dog for help.

What will happen to her? Will he hear her cries before she’s led away to her fate?

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Readers Comments

“I loved the story.”
– J.H. Cavalier Owner

“I liked how I couldn’t put it down.”
– A.B. Aged 13 years

“The personality of the dog shines through.”
– G.M. Cavalier Breeder

“Crafted in beautiful, simple language that everyone can understand and take the journey.”
– JR, aged 67


First-time author Ann Russell hits out of the ballpark with her poignant story about an abused Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Little Truff. The tale follows the downtrodden darling as she runs away from home and then finds herself imprisoned in the pound. An intelligent, stirring and engrossing read.
– Dogs Life magazine, Australia, Issue 113

An animal lover with an interest in animal welfare, author Ann Russell is writing a series of books about animal issues. These serious issues are neatly tucked away inside heart-warming and often humorous stories narrated by Little Truff, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel she adopted from a shelter. Like children’s fairy tales of old, Little Truff has monsters, ogres and darkness. Sadly the monsters are people who mistreat animals.

Little Truff narrates the story and understands the humans in a way Cavalier lovers will recognise with a lot of on-the-spot observations, often with a Cavalier twist, on life. Although she runs away to escape abuse and ends up in a shelter, the story has a happy ending as she’s adopted into a family who help her to learn to love and trust again.
– Abridged from The Royal Dispatch, Winter 2014 issue,, USA

Last week I read your books and found them charming. I am the Show Chairman and was sorting through all the donations and prizes to cart down to the venue. I stood and picked up the first book. . . and read it to the end. As it says on the back, “A must for ALL animal lovers, 10-110!” It’s the sort of uplifting story I’ve always enjoyed. . . easily read in a car, or on the bus, or to while away the time and a airplane. I imagine preteen and teenagers would enjoy the read and the lessons in animal/human relationships.
– Judy DuRoss, Texas, Show Chair, CKCSC, USA

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136 pages, 2011
ISBN New Zealand: 978-0-473-20309-2
ISBN Overseas: 978-0-473-23175-0

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Background to the Book

The idea for a fictional story happened when I brought home a Humane Society rescue dog. A tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I called her Truffles or Little Truff. Here are some things you might like to know about her:
Little Truff

  • She was 4 years old when brought to the pound.
  • She’d been badly beaten and was scared of men.
  • She had no training & couldn’t “Sit” or “Stay”.
  • She terrorised my two cats until trained not to.
  • It took 2 years of rehabilitation to earn her trust.
  • She became a very happy little dog.
  • It was well worth the effort as I felt happy, too.

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Fun and Games based on Little Truff

Little Truff
Little Truff Fun and Games  has a word puzzle, wordfind and other interesting activities for readers. Parents and teachers may find the reading extensions useful to enhance children’s appreciation of the book, both at home and in the classroom. More here.

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