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Kids Love the book, “Little Truff Saves the Kereru”.

June 18, 2017:

Hi! This is Little Truff speaking. I recently had a lovely visit to Puhinui School in Papatoetoe. The children there loved my Little Truff stories […]

Paradise Ducks Featured on TV 1 Wetlands Film

December 5, 2016:

This is Little Truff speaking. Did you see TV1’s Wetlands’ programme last night featured a Paradise Duck family, from duckling to adulthood? It was great, […]

Brilliant Yellow Kowhai Flowers Kick-Start Spring

September 20, 2016:

] Hi! It’s Little Truff again. A surge of yellow can been seen in the bush and the gardens of suburbia as I went walking […]

A Beautiful Bay Tree

September 5, 2016:

Hi, it’s Little Truff speaking. While visiting friends in Warkworth with my family, we were shown their beautiful garden. As we went into the vegie […]

Meet the Blonde

August 10, 2016:

Hi! It’s Little Truff here. There are suggestions of spring everywhere even though its early August. A burst of flowers is a sure sign its […]

Pink Perfection – the Belladonna Lily

April 13, 2016:

This is Little Truff speaking. Out walking with my family the other day, we were brought to a halt on the roadside by a flowering […]

Happy Christmas! Is that SNOW on Piha’s Hills!

December 24, 2015:

Hi – this is Little Truff speaking. When I looked out Gran’s beach-house window this morning, I noticed all the hills were covered in white. […]

Elegant Amaryllis

November 26, 2015:

Hi, this is Little Truff speaking My Mum, Chrissie, loves flowers – as you would have gathered by now! From October on, you can guarantee […]

Incredible! A PINK TREE!

October 14, 2015:

Hi again, its Little Truff here. I saw the most amazing tree when out walking with my family last weekend – a PINK tree! It […]

Beautiful Blossoms

September 20, 2015:

Hi! It’s Little Truff speaking. Spring sure is here! When my family took me for a walk this afternoon, I saw the magnolias are finishing […]